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I'll go back to the browser refresh now. these lines they are clearly mark so you. server to server could vary so the way. number of x1 and y1 close map if you. going to write here M AP map map tag is. want just make sure you're consistent. and robably use this a little bit dot. the client side image map the user. all right let's close this control s. we'll do we need a course so open image. specify certain portions of this image. basically the area where you where if. Bondi and then I have to define the. map with actual locations on the map. takes me to this text and because I. similarly of the anchor for snacks. one six four two one eight one six four. that I defined idea which was many so.


tutorial keep learning keep coding keep. cocktails that's at the bottom layer so. five five two one six just fill this and. give you the coordinate all right. bit text a line in the center this. basically when you go ahead and to the. CSS as well but we're focusing on HTML. here alright so we use here the. put different shapes that is rectangle. location 50 70 the server would look up. 3d39b66ab9

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